Introducing... AGENT PIXIE, our October agent of the month.

Computer Hacker, Blonde Bombshell™, Intel Specialist. Broke the Internet... literally.

She sips a coffee. She zips her boot. She’s off.

In an Escalade, she whales the aria from the third act of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. Her blonde hair flows through the night air. It’s a good night. She valets her vehicle and proceeds into the dirty nightlife.

Her plaid attire fades into the darkness. Through a cloud of smoke and a particularly handsy “security guard,” she was in.

Music is blaring. She engages her earpiece, synchronized to pre-placed microphones installed by her associate at the velvet rope. Waiting for the information she came for, the beat goes on.

And finally, the magic phrase.

She got what she needed: the next target. She passes on the intel to her field agent and she’s out. Her mission is complete.


Caution Ahead Coat
Caution Ahead Coat
Scooter LaForge

Caution Ahead Coat

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