Decryption Trousers
Decryption Trousers

Decryption Trousers

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Shades of Black and Grey -

Our agent, code name Slay, had been in New York for a week now.  His team was part of an international task force working around the clock to break up a human trafficking ring.  Its ringleader, Ivar, had flown into JFK three days ago. Something big was going down. New intel led Slay to a bar on the lower east side.  

He casually walked into the bar in his black, Decryption pants, zippers up for a fitted look, straps flowing between his legs.  The band was killin’ it. The agent grabbed a beer and found a place to sit along one of the graffiti-filled walls. He checked out the crowd, and then glanced at some of the writing on the bench.  “Good art sucks.” He knew what else sucked - this animal they’d been tracking for three years.   

He leaned back with his legs open, gray handkerchief in his right back pocket, white tee, and black leather dog collar.  Slay knew Ivar liked his slaves, and tonight he was the bait. He sipped his brew and waited. Ivar was goin’ down.    

For a killer look, pair our Decryption jeans with our Lazy Sod tee and black kicks.  These classic pants feature removable bondage straps and zipper details. Pant legs can be zipped for a change in fit, topped off with a zip fly and button closure.

  • 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.