“If you took Gwen Stefani and La Femme Nikita, smashed them together, added Barbarella, sprinkled in some Pussy Galore, and threw in the stars of Kill Bill… that’s FREE AGENT.”

-- Newell Nussbaumer, BUFFALO RISING

Combine the recent growth of demand for brick & mortar retail across the US with the intrigue of top media influencers like The Americans and Homeland. Add a surge of interactive avatar games. Then combine them all into a unique clothing shopping environment – FREE AGENT: a clothier… a brand… an experience. 

FREE AGENT is a spy-inspired concept store. Each month, FREE AGENT follows a fictional lead protagonist, a secret agent. Each month’s inventory features styles inspired by that character – always a woman of interest.

Upon opening its first brick and mortar store in 2017, FREE AGENT's strong visual identity brings to life its characters and creates a shopping and live action experience unknown to the retail market.